Monday, 15 October 2012

ASP.NET Desktop Membership Manager Application

Last month I started up an open source project on CodePlex with a couple of developer friends. The application is for helping developers and system administrators to release ASP.Net web projects to a given environment where they have no ability to manage the ASP.Net Membership accounts. Either because the web application does not have user management yet or there is no need for membership management in the application.

The project is still in Beta but the most functional version so far has been released as a ClickOnce application and allows you to administer users and roles. It needs work on providing full support for all the membership options such as forgotten password questions and support for more complex profile properties but it has already been useful to me for creating roles and users even in its limited capacity.

There are other projects out there that try to address the pain of ASP.Net membership but they are either incomplete or web based solutions. Additionally all the desktop solutions require your to copy your web applications Membership, Role and Profile configuration into the applications configuration file before you start it up. This application addresses that by allowing you to load the configuration up at runtime.

If this is something that you would find useful I would love to get some feedback either here or on the project website, mostly I would be interested in how it works (or doesn’t work) with your configuration and what additional features would be useful.

ASP.Net Membership Manager on CodePlex

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